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NFL Week 9 Game Day Pulse

    Eli pick gives back the momentum

    There's really no such thing as closing out the Patriots in Gillette, especially if you're only up 14 points. But New England's struggled so badly (four turnovers) that the Giants had a pretty good shot of stepping on their throat, holding the ball in the red zone, when Eli Manning threw a no-look pass to Kyle Arrington.

    That would be awesome, but they're not on the same team and this isn't basketball. Instead, Tom Brady got the ball back, marched down the field with a seven-play, 80-yard drive, and hit Aaron Hernandez for a game-tying touchdown.

    Brady then did that thing where he looked like he wasn't going to lose and he was probably going to score some points for his fantasy owners.

    There's still plenty of game left, but if you were a betting man who was thrilled at the Giants lead, you're probably sporting the same face as Eli on the sideline after his pick.

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