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NFL Week 8 Game Day Pulse


    Ross not happy with losing, future coach may not be 'big name'
    During last week's game against the Bills, one the Dolphins would inexplicably lose, head coach Tony Sparano could be seen on the sidelines pleading with the officials.

    "If I don't call a timeout, I'm [sunk] and now I'm getting fired, OK?" he yelled while pointing toward Dolphins owner Stephen Ross' owner's box.

    In Sunday's South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Ross spoke about the 2011 season, and how starting 0-6 has taken its toll.

    The first one. New England. You’ve got all kinds of hope before that game. It hurt the most,” Ross said. “After a while, losing settles in. You can get used to it. I don’t like that and won’t put up with it."

    So while Sparano days appear numbers, there's no guarantee that Ross will go after a big-name coach like, say, Bill Cowher.

    In fact, according to a PFT report, "Per a league source with knowledge of the team’s current thinking, it’s not a given that a superstar will be courted — in large part because a big-name coach will command a big-time payday."

    The only certainty is that Sparano was right to put his house up for sale.

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