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NFL Week 11 Game Day Pulse


    Dolphins continue to impress

    I think it’s safe to call Miami one of the hottest teams in the NFL.

    Even though the Dolphins entered the game with plenty of momentum -- a two-game winning streak after a seven-game losing streak will do that for you -- and the Bills had been disappointing, it’s surprising at how dominating Miami has played in taking a 28-6 lead into halftime.

    Quarterback Matt Moore is 11 of 14 for 148 yards and three touchdowns, and Reggie Bush has continued his impressive play. And the Bills look horrendous, totaling just 130 yards while league-leading rusher Fred Jackson has 17 yards on seven carries and Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown two interceptions (the second one clearly wasn’t his fault as it bounced off David Nelson’s hands before Miami’s Yeremiah Bell grabbed it).

    Miami already has dropped out of the Suck For Luck campaign. Now it seems like the Dolphins are on a mission to save Tony Sparano’s job.

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