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NFL Week 11 Game Day Pulse

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    Pacman Jones makes hair-pulling tackle against Ravens' Torrey Smith
    Pacman Jones made it rain hair late in the first half.

    After Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith (whose dreadlocks cover the name on the back of his jersey) hauled in a Joe Flacco pass, he was tackled by … his hair. Upon first viewing, it looked as if Jones had horse-collared Smith to the ground but after the officials convened, they ruled the play legal (replays confirmed as much).

    You can enjoy the impromptu catfight here.

    Two plays later, Flacco threw an interception, further proving Baltimore should run the ball.

    A similar play happened between the Chiefs and Steelers during the 2006 season; then-Kansas City running back Larry Johnson brought Pittsburgh safety to the ground by his jheri curl wig.

    The Ravens lead the Bengals at the half, 14-7.


    Dolphins continue to impress

    I think it’s safe to call Miami one of the hottest teams in the NFL.

    Even though the Dolphins entered the game with plenty of momentum -- a two-game winning streak after a seven-game losing streak will do that for you -- and the Bills had been disappointing, it’s surprising at how dominating Miami has played in taking a 28-6 lead into halftime.

    Quarterback Matt Moore is 11 of 14 for 148 yards and three touchdowns, and Reggie Bush has continued his impressive play. And the Bills look horrendous, totaling just 130 yards while league-leading rusher Fred Jackson has 17 yards on seven carries and Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown two interceptions (the second one clearly wasn’t his fault as it bounced off David Nelson’s hands before Miami’s Yeremiah Bell grabbed it).

    Miami already has dropped out of the Suck For Luck campaign. Now it seems like the Dolphins are on a mission to save Tony Sparano’s job.


    Raiders beat Vikings, go to 6-4
    The story this week may be the Tim Tebows (small print: and the Broncos) but the Raiders are now 4-1 on the road after defeating the Vikings, 27-21, and oh yeah, they lead the AFC West.

    After whipping up on the Chargers 10 days ago, the Raiders' defense forced Christian Ponder into three interceptions, and Michael Bush again eclipsed 100 yards on the ground (109 on 30 carries, including a TD).

    Carson Palmer was an efficient 17-of-23 for 164 yards (1 TD, 0 INTs).

    Adrian Peterson left the game in the first quarter with an ankle injury, and Darrius Heyward-Bey was taken off the field on a bodyboard after a blow to the head.

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    Dolphins score big win vs. Buffalo

    Buffalo has been terrible lately. Miami has been hotter than hot.

    And that didn’t change today when the Dolphins dominated the Bills 35-8. Now, it’s pretty clear that Miami isn’t the worst team in the AFC East. That distinction now belongs in Buffalo.

    Panthers castoff Matt Moore was stupendous, completing 14 of 20 passes for 160 yards and three touchdowns, and his defense didn’t allow the Bills to do much of anything, holding Buffalo to 41 rushing yards and interceptimng Ryan Fitzpatrick twice.

    Making matters worse for Buffalo, league-leading rusher Fred Jackson (seven carries, 17 yards) left the game with a leg injury and never returned.

    As I wrote about here, the Dolphins clearly haven’t given up for coach Tony Sparano. Now, with three straight wins, you have to wonder if the hot seat he’s been on since the beginning of the season is beginning to cool just a little bit.

  • The Browns are 4-6. It doesn't sound particularly impressive, but their 14-10 victory over the Jaguars Sunday is noteworthy for a few reasons. First, it stopped a three-game losing streak. Second, Cleveland scored more than 12 points for the first time since October 16. And third, Josh Cribbs hauled in a touchdown pass (his fourth of the season) to give the Browns the lead.

    The only thing missing? A Cribbs post-score shimmy (because let's be honest, who knows when it'll happen again). After the game, he apologized via Twitter (turns out, he had a good reason):

    Cribbs' Tweetin' Feed

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    Locker replaces Hasselbeck, promptly throws TD
    With the Titans trailing the Falcons 23-3 with just over two minutes to go and starting quarterback Matt Hasselbeck sidelined with a right-arm injury, rookie first-rounder Jake Locker too the field.

    At this point in the proceedings, not much was expected from him, mostly because he's barely seen the field this season. Through the first 10 weeks, Locker had thrown a grand total of two passes.

    His first attempt Sunday was incomplete. His second pass, however, was good for eight yards. Then, on this third try, Locker threw a 40-yard touchdown strike to Nate Washington. (Actually, Locker rolled right and hit Washington in the numbers on a 20-yard pass, and Washington beat two defenders to the end zone. Whatever, it counts the same.)

    Unfortunately, the score was worth the customary six points, so the Titans still trail by 13. That said, Locker looked like an old hand under center.

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    49ers' Goldson throws haymakers, ejected
    Maybe the only way the Cardinals are going to be the 49ers is if they continue to start fights, hope that the San Francisco players lose their cool and throw a punch, and the officials eject them.

    That was the (unintended) strategy in the second half; Cards' WR Early Doucet threw a punched that missed 49ers safety Dashon Goldson. Goldson, however, didn't miss Doucet, connecting several times. And though nobody was hurt (they're wearing pads and helmets, duh), Goldson was ejected.

    Details via the Associated Press:

    "Goldson was on the ground after the 49ers sacked backup quarterback Richard Bartel when Doucet appeared to hit him in the helmet. Goldson jumped to his feet angrily and went after Doucet, throwing a left-right combination to Doucet's shoulder pads and facemask. Goldson continued to throw punches and Doucet fought back before players from both teams separated the two."

    Goldson was flagged for a personal foul and ejected. The penalty gave Arizona an automatic first down and the Cardinals went on to score a touchdown when Bartel threw a 23-yard touchdown to Larry Fitzgerald."

    By the way, there's no QB controversy in Arizona; John Skelton was benched for Bartel, which means that once Kevin Kolb is healthy, it's his job.

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