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NFL Week 10 Game Day Pulse


    Tebow wins yet again

    Through all the crap he’s taken and the X > Tebow meme and the constant criticism about his mechanics, Tim Tebow continues to bask in Denver victories. I hate the whole “All Tim Tebow does is win,” but after the Broncos beat the Chiefs 17-10, it’s hard to disagree with that notion.

    Especially since he's now 3-1 as a starter.

    Tebow still isn’t a good NFL quarterback, though his 57-yard touchdown pass to Eric Decker was a legit -- hell, it was a gorgeous -- NFL throw, and though he finished 2 of 8 passing for 69 yards, a passing touchdown and a rushing score, it doesn’t really matter. The Broncos won again, and by god, they’re still in contention for an AFC West title.

    Could Kyle Orton have done this? Well, considering the Broncos gave him that chance, I guess the answer is probably not.

    The best part about this for the Broncos? They don’t need Tebow to play great to win. Whatever game plan the Broncos coaches are concocting on a weekly basis -- whether Denver is installing a college-style offense -- it’s working. The Broncos ran the ball an amazing 54 times, as compared to eight passes, and even with Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno leaving the game due to injury, Lance Ball had a career day with 96 yards on 30 carries.

    At this point, I think it’s safe to say this: Tebow today > Tebow from two weeks ago.

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