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    Clark could face suspension if he puts somebody 'to sleep'
    Earlier this week, Steelers safety Ryan Clark was fined $40,000 for an unnecessary-roughness penalty he received during Sunday night's matchup with the Ravens. A day before the league notified Clark that he owed them a few bucks, Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin showed his team the play in question and applauded Clark's hit because he thought it was perfectly legal and Clark separated the ball from the would-be receiver.

    When Clark caught wind of the $40,000 coming out of his paycheck he was, well, apoplectic.

    "If you're going to fine me $40,000, I might as well put him to sleep for real, or I might as well blow out his knee out," Ryan said at the time.

    On Sunday, CBS football analyst Charley Casserly relayed a recent conversation he had with Ray Anderson, the VP of football operations:

    "If Clark knocks somebody out of the game will an illegal hit, not only will he face another substantial fine, he could very well be facing a suspension.

    What Clark is missing is this: when he's talking about putting somebody to sleep, he's not putting Roger Goodell to sleep, he's not putting Ray Anderson to sleep, he's putting a fellow player to sleep. And he's also hurting his team."

    Silver lining: Steelers linebacker James Harrison has yet to be fined this season. So there's that.

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