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    Haynesworth to start for Bucs 7 days after Pats cut him
    The Patriots washed their hands of Albert Haynesworth earlier this week. Despite all the off-field issues and underwhelming on-field effort, Big Al wasn't out of work long. The Bucs, decimated along their defensive line, claimed Haynesworth off waivers and will owe him roughly $750,000 for the rest of the season.

    Haynesworth, whose dreadful performance against the Giants in Foxboro last Sunday cemented his fate with the Pats, will start for Tampa Bay today. This has more to do with the lack of depth along the Bucs' d-line than it does with Haynesworth's dominating presence.

    The backstory, via the Tampa Tribune's Roy Cummings: "Starting under tackle Gerald McCoy is out for the season with another biceps tear and McCoy's top replacement, Frank Okam, is nursing a calf strain that will keep him out of today's game against the Houston Texans at Raymond James Stadium. The Bucs see the suddenly available Haynesworth as someone who could help salvage their season."

    If Big Al is pegged as the Bucs' savior then the season is already lost.

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    Clark could face suspension if he puts somebody 'to sleep'
    Earlier this week, Steelers safety Ryan Clark was fined $40,000 for an unnecessary-roughness penalty he received during Sunday night's matchup with the Ravens. A day before the league notified Clark that he owed them a few bucks, Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin showed his team the play in question and applauded Clark's hit because he thought it was perfectly legal and Clark separated the ball from the would-be receiver.

    When Clark caught wind of the $40,000 coming out of his paycheck he was, well, apoplectic.

    "If you're going to fine me $40,000, I might as well put him to sleep for real, or I might as well blow out his knee out," Ryan said at the time.

    On Sunday, CBS football analyst Charley Casserly relayed a recent conversation he had with Ray Anderson, the VP of football operations:

    "If Clark knocks somebody out of the game will an illegal hit, not only will he face another substantial fine, he could very well be facing a suspension.

    What Clark is missing is this: when he's talking about putting somebody to sleep, he's not putting Roger Goodell to sleep, he's not putting Ray Anderson to sleep, he's putting a fellow player to sleep. And he's also hurting his team."

    Silver lining: Steelers linebacker James Harrison has yet to be fined this season. So there's that.


    Payton will coach from sideline today

    Though Saints coach Sean Payton, who broke his tibia and tore his MCL after a sideline collision in Week 6, has spent the past few weeks running his team from the press box. Yeah, he’s tired of that setup.

    That’s why he told Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer he’s going to surprise his team by running (limping?) out with his team today and coaching from the sideline.

    He’ll have an assistant hold up his call sheet for him while he moves around on crutches, and he’ll station himself behind the line of scrimmage to vastly reduce the odds of another collision.

    Originally, Payton planned to return to the sideline after the Week 11 bye, but he’ll try to use his toughness today to serve as motivation for his squad.


    Kolb inactive against Eagles Sunday

    No surprise here, but Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb is listed as inactive against the Eagles Sunday.

    Reuben Frank of CSN reports that Kolb's foot swelled up in the five-hour flight from Arizona to Philly and that Kolb would only play in an emergency.

    This is unfortunate for storyline purposes, because Kolb would obviously prefer to play against his old team and prove they were wrong for trading him AND put the dagger in Philadelphia's season.

    Philly doesn't exactly look like a huge winner because of the Kolb deal this far into the season, but that's only because Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie hasn't been a standout for Philly and the Eagles haven't been winning.

    On the bright side, at least they didn't shell out a valuable player, a draft pick and $63 million for a quarterback who's underwhelmed even when he can make it on the field.

  • Tony Romo sits down with Shannon Sharpe to talk about whether or not the quarterback position gets too much credit and too much blame for wins and losses. Watch it here.

  • Cam Newton's good to go for Sunday against the Titans -- Solomon Wilcots reported on CBS Sports that Newton had an MRI on his shoulder after he was added to the injury report Saturday. However, everything checked out fine and Newton will be full steam ahead Sunday in Charlotte.

  • McGahee leaves game with injury

    On a Broncos opening drive that featured eight runs, zero passes and a seven-yard touchdown by Tim Tebow, running back Willis McGahee appeared to hyperextend his leg on a red zone rushing attempt and left the game.

    He was on the turf for a while and was in obvious pain. He then limped off the field just before Tebow gave Denver the 7-0 lead.

    For now, McGahee has remained on the sideline.
  • Cool sign at Arrowhead thanking veterans, via @ArrowheadPride

  • Teammates Cam Newton and Tim Tebow!

  • Already missing Jackson, Maclin back to locker room

    On a day when the Eagles couldn’t afford any more lost receivers, Jeremy Maclin took a shot to as he was going across the middle, left the game and headed back to the locker room immediately.

    Philadelphia already is missing DeSean Jackson, who slept through a Saturday morning special teams meeting. In response, the Eagles benched him and started Steve Smith in his place.

    Though it first appeared Maclin looked wobbled by the hit by Adrian Wilson, the Eagles have termed it a shoulder injury and his return is questionable.

    But without Maclin in the game, Philadelphia’s offense just lost another weapon.

    UPDATE: Maclin has returned to the game.

    AJ Green suffers knee injury, returns after missing one play
    The Steelers scored on their first two drives of the game against the Bengals and they made it look easy. On Cincy's third drive, not only did they avoid another three-and-out, they marched 61 yards, the series ending with a rookie-to-rookie hookup: QB Andy Dalton to WR AJ Green.

    It was the latest highlight-reel catch of the season for Green, already a top-flight NFL wide receiver. The bad news: he tweaked his knee as he came down with the ball, and he laid in the end zone in obvious pain for a good three minutes. Green did walk to the sidelines without aid, though he was limping noticeably.

    The Bengals' medical staff continued to check him out as play continued, and he was seen running behind the bench as the second quarter started.

    The official word: he's probable to return -- and he does just that after missing one play -- which is good news for Dalton and the Bengals.

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  • David Nelson scores a TD and gives the ball to his GF. Watch it right here.


    Cowboys are dominating the Bills at halftime

    Picking up exactly where they left off last week, the Bills have offered barely anything against the Cowboys today, falling behind 28-7 and making clear that their early-season success was awfully flukish.

    After putting up a weak effort last week in a 27-11 loss to the Jets, Buffalo has struggled this week. Although Ryan Fitzpatrick hit David Nelson for the touchdown --which he then handed to his Cowboys cheerleader girlfriend-- Dallas jumped out to a 21-0 lead.

    In the first half, Tony Romo was ridiculous, completing 18 of 19 passes for 233 yards and three touchdowns, and DeMarco Murray added 46 yards on 10 carries. Meanwhile, the Bills have 108 total yards of offense.

    For the Cowboys, a victory is much-needed in order to keep the Giants in sight in the NFC East. A 5-4 record obviously would be much better than a 4-5 mark, especially when a wild card is still open for them.


    Jonathan Baldwin is good, even when it doesn't count
    Pretty sure this is the lone highlight for the Chiefs, who trail the the Broncos 10-0 after 30 minutes of uninspired football. We love that Brian Dawkins looks like he's being mugged and not trying to, you know, defend the play. Oh, and Baldwin's catch didn't count.

    via Mike Tunison's Twitter feed

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    Magic is gone in Buffalo, Cowboys roll
    It appears the Bills are done. After a strong start to the season that included a come-from-behind win over the Patriots, Buffalo has been thoroughly outplayed two weeks in a row, first by the Bills and Sunday in Dallas. The offense, which was explosive early, has been pedestrian at best lately.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick, who signed a new contract late last month, threw three interceptions against the Cowboys, the last one going 43 yards for a touchdown.

    For the Cowboys, Tony Romo had three incompletions all day, tossed three touchdowns, and Dallas racked up 44 points. DeMarco Murray continues to play like one of the league's best backs. He had 20 rushes for 135 yards, including a score.

    This game is also one more reason we shouldn't get too excited or depressed about what happens the first nine weeks of the season. The Cowboys played like the worst team in the NFC East for the better part of two months and now they're 5-4. Just like the Bills.

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    Tebow wins yet again

    Through all the crap he’s taken and the X > Tebow meme and the constant criticism about his mechanics, Tim Tebow continues to bask in Denver victories. I hate the whole “All Tim Tebow does is win,” but after the Broncos beat the Chiefs 17-10, it’s hard to disagree with that notion.

    Especially since he's now 3-1 as a starter.

    Tebow still isn’t a good NFL quarterback, though his 57-yard touchdown pass to Eric Decker was a legit -- hell, it was a gorgeous -- NFL throw, and though he finished 2 of 8 passing for 69 yards, a passing touchdown and a rushing score, it doesn’t really matter. The Broncos won again, and by god, they’re still in contention for an AFC West title.

    Could Kyle Orton have done this? Well, considering the Broncos gave him that chance, I guess the answer is probably not.

    The best part about this for the Broncos? They don’t need Tebow to play great to win. Whatever game plan the Broncos coaches are concocting on a weekly basis -- whether Denver is installing a college-style offense -- it’s working. The Broncos ran the ball an amazing 54 times, as compared to eight passes, and even with Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno leaving the game due to injury, Lance Ball had a career day with 96 yards on 30 carries.

    At this point, I think it’s safe to say this: Tebow today > Tebow from two weeks ago.


    Skins are awful, Theismann isn't walking through that door
    Remember when the Redskins were 3-1? Seems like decades ago, right? It gets worse: Sunday's meet-and-greet with the Dolphins was the only sure win remaining on the schedule. Naturally, Washington lost, now sit at 3-6, and not only are they the worst team in the division, they might be the worst team in the league.

    In other Skins-related shockers: Rex Grossman continues to be awful. Head coach Mike Shanahan, who has no one to blame but himself for Washington's current predicament, dumped John Beck after three forgettable starts and reinstalled Grossman as his starter, presumably to give the Skins a boost.

    Well, it backfired. Grossman fired two interceptions against no touchdowns. And two (!) Reggie Bush touchdowns (!!) were sandwiched around a lot of boring football and field goals to give Miami a 20-9 victory.

    The Dolphins have now won two games in a row but unless they find a way to win out, sneak into the playoffs and win the Super Bowl, Tony Sparano is still getting fired. Could be worse, though: he could be Mike Shanahan.

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    Mike Smith hands Saints overtime win

    The Saints shouldn't have let the Falcons get to overtime, but that doesn't matter, because Mike Smith decided to giftwrap a win for New Orleans when he went for it on 4th and inches on his own 29-yard line in overtime.

    The decision to do was bad, but not because they didn't get the first down. It was bad because everyone and their brother knew Michael Turner was getting the ball up the middle, and that's exactly what happened.

    Unfortunately, "everyone" in this instance also includes the Saints defensive line, and they snuffed out Turner.

    It was a bad decision, a bad playcall and a bad use of vision by Turner, who had a ton of room to kick it outside and pick up the first.

    The Saints, predictably, kicked a field goal and won in overtime, making them the prohibitive favorite to end up winning the NFC South.

    What's most painful if you're the Falcons is that you didn't play a good game, you lost Julio Jones and somehow, you still had a couple of chances to win the game and managed to come up short.


    Kolb misses Kolb Bowl, Eagles still find way to lose
    For the second time this season, the Dream Team is officially dead. We were fooled once, several weeks ago, when the Eagles beat the hapless Redskins and punchless Cowboys in back-to-back games. The rest of the schedule, however, has featured some dreadful football, mostly on defense.

    Well, rock bottom was Sunday when Philly lost to the Cards -- at the Linc, no less -- and now both teams sport 3-6 records. The difference: Arizona started second-year backup John Skelton, in for an injured Kevin Kolb. Skelton threw for 315 yards and three touchdowns; Michael Vick managed just 128 yards and three interceptions, including one on Philly's final, fateful drive.

    So where do the Eagles go from here? Well, unless they plan on winning out, they're going to be the biggest disappointment of the season. The defense is an absolute mess, the offense is about as consistent as a dial-up modem and one of Philly's big playmakers doesn't know how to operate an alarm clock.

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  • Jacoby Jones' 80-Yard TD Catch
    Matt Schaub connects with Jacoby Jones for an 80-yard touchdown reception to give the Texans an early 6-0 lead. Houston would hang on to win 37-9.

  • Jaguars vs. Colts Recap
    Blaine Gabbert threw for a touchdown and Maurice Jones-Drew ran for another score Sunday, giving Jacksonville a 17-3 victory over winless Indianapolis. Spero Dedes and Steve Beuerlein recap all the action from Lucas Oil Stadium.

  • Mendenhall Rushes for 2 TD in Steelers Win
    Rashard Mendenhall rushed for a pair touchdowns in the Steelers 24-17 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

  • Steelers vs. Bengals Recap
    Rashard Mendenhall ran for a pair of touchdowns Sunday, and the Steelers intercepted rookie Andy Dalton twice in the fourth quarter, holding on for a 24-17 victory over the Bengals. Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts recap all the action from Cincinnati.

  • Titans vs. Panthers Recap
    Tennessee Titans' RB, Chris Johnson, combined for 174 yards of total offense and a touchdown in a 30-3 victory over the Carolina Panthers. Join CBS Sports' Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots for a recap of all the action.

  • Bill vs. Cowboys Recap
    Tony Romo guided touchdown drives on his first four possessions, throwing for the score on three of them, leading the Dallas Cowboys to a 44-7 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms recap this game.

  • Bills vs. Cowboys Highlights
    Tony Romo threw for 270 yards with three touchdowns as the Dallas Cowboys dominated the Buffalo Bills 44-7 on Sunday. Check out some of the highlights from this game.

  • Baldwin's Circus Catch

    (We mentioned Baldwin's ridiculousness earlier but now we have the moving-pictures proof.)
    Kansas City wide receiver Jon Baldwin brings in a circus like catch that was called back on a penalty, but still worth another look.

  • Hester with punt return TD, Bears dominating (VIDEO)

    The Bears were coming off a big win six days earlier and Devin Hester was battling an ankle injury that left him questionable to play, so if the Bears didn’t immediately jump all over the 6-2 Lions, that would have been understandable.

    What, then, to make of the fact that Hester ran back an 82-yard punt return for a touchdown, the 12th time in his career he’s done that (and 17th he’s returned a kick of any kind for a score), and what to make of the Bears dominating the Lions so far, building a 20-0 lead early in the second quarter?

    Earlier in the game, Hester had returned a punt for 29 yards, but had been knocked out bounds by Detroit punter Robert Malone. You had to wonder if Hester’s foot still was bothering him, considering the bulky punter had caught him.

    But after muffing the next punt attempt, Hester sprinted to his left, and though Malone had a chance to get him again, Hester side-stepped him on the sideline, stayed in bounds and ran untouched to the end zone.

    His ankle feels OK apparantly.

  • Texans vs. Buccaneers Recap
    Matt Schaub threw for 242 yards with two touchdowns, which led the Houston Texans to a 37-9 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. Marv Albert and Rich Gannon recap this game.

  • Broncos vs. Chiefs Recap
    Tim Tebow hit Eric Decker on a 56-yard touchdown pass, one of his only two completions in the game, helping the Denver Broncos to a 17-10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. CBS Sports' Bill Macatee and Steve Tasker have the recap.


    Seahawks lead Ravens at the half, 19-7
    One person on the planet picked the Seahawks to beat the Ravens Sunday:'s Will Brinson. He was understandably mocked throughout the week because Baltimore is coming off a huge win in Pittsburgh and Seattle is, well, awful.

    Through 30 minutes, the Seahawks have thoroughly outplayed the Ravens, and lead 19-7 at the half. It's their biggest lead of the season, and it's the first time in 10 weeks they have led at the half.

    Ravens kick returner David Reed has two first-half fumbles, and the Seahawks might've been leading by more if defensive backs Brandon Browner and Earl Thomas didn't drop a sure Flacco interception in the end zone.

    Of course, we've seen this movie before: the Cardinals were up 21 on the Ravens two weeks ago and found a way to lose.

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  • Cue the dirty player montage from Fox!

  • The NFL Today: Week 10 Postgame Show
    James Brown, Dan Marino, Bill Cowher, Shannon Sharpe and Boomer Esiason recap the week 10 games including the Cowboys win over the Bills as well as the Texans victory over the Buccaneers.


    Stafford with back to back pick-6s, then retaliates

    Things haven’t gone well for the Lions today, allowing Devin Hester another punt return for a touchdown and falling behind 20-0. And that was before quarterback Matthew Stafford threw back to back interceptions that were returned for touchdowns by the Bears.

    The first came with 13:16 left in the third quarter when Major Wright picked Stafford and returned it 22 yards for the score, and 112 seconds later, it was Charles Tillman’s turn, returning the turnover 44 yards into the end zone.

    It obviously frustrated Stafford and the entire Lions squad, particularly after Bears linebacker Lance Briggs blew up Lions receiver Calvin Johnson on a hit that drew an unnecessary roughness penalty and likely will bring a fine (to be fair, Ndumukong Suh slammed Jay Cutler onto his right shoulder and drove his helmet into Cutler’s face earlier in the half).

    But Stafford got some revenge, when after Tim Jennings intercepted him, Stafford grabbed D.J. Moore’s helmet and threw him to the ground. That’s when both benches emptied, and an official fracas broke out on the field. Officials eventually ejected Moore for retaliating against Stafford and starting the brawl (here's a link to the video).

    Hey, at least Stafford was showing some fire, even if it’s coming early in the fourth quarter of what will be a Bears blowout win against the Lions.

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